Yacht Registration
and the Offshore Benefits

All yachts of any reasonable size need to be registered.
The chosen flag state is most important and needs careful consideration due to the many variables involved.  

With a substantial asset such as a yacht, an owner needs to protect his interest, whilst at the same time not burdening himself or his crew with undue bureaucracy. Similarly, personal privacy and security are vital requirements, as well as the usual desire to insulate himself fiscally and legally from the vessel for asset preservation and management purposes. All commercial yachts or dual registered yachts quite rightly need to comply with greater safety standards that are dictated by the respective flag state, so it is important to choose a flag that is friendly towards yachts, and any intended charter activities, to avoid expensive errors later on.

Blue Ensign are yacht people with over 23 years’ experience as MCA / Red Ensign Group surveyors and are authorised Surveyors for offshore registries including Tuvalu, Malta, St Vincent & The Grenadines, Jersey, Guernsey and British Virgin Islands.

We can work with your Captain, Manager, Lawyer, or complete all of the registration and surveys on your behalf.

Open to private and commercial yachts of unlimited size, the registry operates differently to others, in that a company or representative at Tuvalu is not mandatory. Also, it is not mandatory for yachts to be in class with a Classification Society, providing they are well constructed and maintained.

Blue Ensign are able to offer a fast survey and registration service, including Load Line and Tonnage Certificates, MARPOL Certificates, Radio Licences, MMSI numbers, IMO numbers and call signs etc.

For the latest registration fees, please e-mail us.

United Kingdom
Yacht Registration

For many, the common red ensign of the UK flag state is the most desirable. 

We can assist with all registration issues and radio licencing. For those that require a UK company or address, we can assist with these services.

Blue Ensign are also authorised Tonnage measurers for several members of the red ensign group of flag states, and can provide a UK Tonnage Certificate where required.


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